Ms. Sabharwal is a Certified Family Law Specialist, California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. This certification identifies attorneys who are proficient in specialized fields of law, and involves a rigorous process including a written examination to exhibit competence as a specialist, demonstration of a high level of experience in Family Law, satisfaction of education requirements for a specialist and favorable evaluation by other attorneys and judges familiar with her work.

East Bay Attorney for Divorce And Business Valuation

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When one or both parties in a divorce own and operate a business or professional enterprise, the assets associated with that business come under great scrutiny during divorce proceedings. Rarely does a couple continue to share ownership over the business, so the financial value of that business is analyzed for fair and equitable property division.

Valuing a business is not as simple as looking at accounting spreadsheets. The value of assets the business holds, its goodwill, the profit it earns and the actual market value for that business can all be dramatically different. It is important that you work with an experienced Berkeley divorce and business valuation lawyer who can address these and other unique issues in your divorce.

Bridging Solutions In Business Valuation And Divorce

Some factors that go into business valuation include:

  • Industry opportunities and challenges
  • Market stability or stagnation
  • Potential for growth and the economic conditions surrounding business operations
  • Value of business assets, including real estate, stocks and capital
  • Brand value/goodwill, and nontransferable assets like the skill set of the owner (as in professional practices like doctor/dentist-owned clinics, retail/manufacturing businesses, investment firms, legal practices and other similar businesses)

Furthermore, resolving a business division dispute is greatly influenced by each party's goals. Both parties may be fighting for ownership, one party may need to buy out the other's share of the business, or neither may want to continue ownership and instead aim to sell the enterprise altogether.

Business Knowledge And Legal Advocacy In California Divorce Cases

At Sabharwal Law Offices, we are sensitive to both the personal challenges our clients face and the professional goals they are trying to realize in divorce proceedings that involve complex business valuation.

We offer highly skilled and experienced representation in both litigation and settlements that involve anything from splitting a startup business to the unique value attributed to brand recognition and the company's reputation among clients.

When you contact our firm, you will be able to work with founding attorney, Sunena Sabharwal directly. She can help you protect your business in divorce while assuring your immediate and long-term goals are addressed.

Reach our office in Berkeley online or by telephone at 510-969-2109 and arrange an initial consultation to discuss your case.