Ms. Sabharwal is a Certified Family Law Specialist, California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. This certification identifies attorneys who are proficient in specialized fields of law, and involves a rigorous process including a written examination to exhibit competence as a specialist, demonstration of a high level of experience in Family Law, satisfaction of education requirements for a specialist and favorable evaluation by other attorneys and judges familiar with her work.

Support Payments In California

How Will Support Payments Affect Your Finances?

The way child support or spousal support (alimony) affects your personal finances hinges on your family's unique situation.

In general, however, child support is not taxable income for the recipient, but spousal support is. This does not, however, mean that anyone who pays child support or spousal support will get to claim the recipient as a dependent on his or her taxes. Everything is determined by your unique situation. At Sabharwal Law Offices, in Berkeley, our attorney can let you know what you need to take into account when it comes to support payments in California.

Working With You To Protect Your Financial Security

The representation we provide at Sabharwal Law Offices is founded on the enduring principles of clear, concise information and an in-depth analysis of our clients' family law and divorce issues. Many legal challenges often overlap. Our founding attorney Sunena Sabharwal personally handles every case for our clients to make sure they are guided by experience, knowledge and levelheaded decision-making throughout every stage of the process.

Before you take a stand in your child support or spousal support disputes, discuss the various outcomes possible with an experienced Berkeley lawyer. You can end up with a more favorable financial situation by accounting for the monetary considerations associated with your divorce.

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