Representative Cases

Sunena Sabharwal has, either solely or in a major role with another attorney, obtained results that include:

  • $3.5 million settlement in a wrongful death/trucking accident
  • $1 million in child molest case
  • $850,000 settlement during trial for two molested children, against a private institution
  • $500,000 settlement for molested children against a public entity
  • $800,000 in product defect case
  • $700,000 in a defective tire/rollover case
  • $500,000 jury verdict against school district for failing to take action to prevent abuse
  • $400,000 settlement just before trial for child against a school district for harassment
  • $200,000 settlement for child injured on school grounds
  • Confidential settlement in favor of developer against major oil company for sale of contaminated property, which included cleanup of property in addition to monetary damages
  • Verdict in favor of employer for claim of wrongful termination and slander
  • $300,000 verdict in favor of commercial tenant against commercial landlord for harassment
  • $340,000 slip-and-fall case at major department store
  • $237,500 settlement for head of human resources of a company for retaliation for investigating the CEO
  • Two settlements for two separate claimants for palimony/"Marvin" claims, each in excess of one million dollars; third for $750,000 that was one-half of the estate, settled halfway during trial. Numerous other settlements of "Marvin" claims.
  • Successful defense of palimony/"Marvin" claims
  • Complex divorce property division of foreign startup corporation
  • Complex divorce support case involving medical evaluations, psychological testing, vocational assessments
  • Complex divorce case involving division of founder's stock options
  • Complex divorce property division in case involving more than 40 properties around the nation

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