December 2018 Archives

Dealing with the new alimony tax rules

Many divorcing couples in California and around the country are eschewing family gatherings and other social engagements this holiday season in order to reach amicable settlements before the end of the year. They are foregoing traditional festive season celebrations because the tax rules relating to spousal support will change on January 1, and divorcing spouses must have a final alimony agreement or court order in place by December 31 if they want the current deductions to apply.

How age and gender influence views on sexual harassment

According to data from American Family Survey, women are generally more likely to consider certain acts to be sexual harassment. These acts include asking someone to go to lunch, making sexual jokes or asking for sexual favors. California residents may also have a different point of view about sexual harassment depending on their age and level of education. The survey itself consisted of 3,000 adults that roughly emulated the makeup of the country as a whole.

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