Handling sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | employment law |

The #MeToo movement struck a cord for many Californians and caused them to think about their own actions and behaviors. As more women have begun speaking out about workplace harassment, employers and fellow employees are wondering how they should act and what they can do to handle certain situations.

Sexual harassment occurs when one or more people in the workplace act in a way that makes a single individual or group feel uncomfortable. It must also include some element of sexual comment or action. Examples include commenting on the way a woman looks or a man’s sexual orientation.

An employee who feels threatened because of sexual harassment at work should speak to their employer about their feelings. They should file a complaint with the human resources department too. Employers can offer training that teaches employees what to do to diffuse harassing situations. Furthermore, it’s wise to offer training that goes over what constitutes sexual harassment. Some new forms of tech can help in these situations too.

It’s important to remember that sexual harassment can come from supervisors and bosses as well as those who work with or underneath an individual. Those behaviors and actions can create a hostile work environment that makes an employee feel uncomfortable going to work each day. Unfortunately, some employers fire harassed employees and blame them for a bad workplace environment. However, a California attorney with experience in employment law can help workers understand their rights. They can assist with filing legal paperwork and other actions to help wrongfully terminated or harassed employees get compensated.