Steps for divorce preparation

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Preparing for divorce in advance can make what is a difficult process move more smoothly. Thinking long and hard about the ramifications of divorce and whether it is the right decision as well as researching California state laws about divorce are both steps that a person should take before proceeding.

Getting organized is also important. This includes collecting bank statements, tax returns, mortgage documents and information on retirement accounts and any investments. Part of getting organized is also thinking about the post-divorce budget. This will help a person decide what to ask for in the divorce. For example, looking at the budget, the person might realize that keeping the family home on one salary is not sustainable. People should also get copies of their credit reports and close any joint accounts.

Parents will need to think about what child custody arrangement will benefit their children. This is the criteria that should be used to make a determination about custody and not parents’ emotions or what is convenient for parents. People should also think about their goals for the future. This will help them prepare for divorce negotiations. They may want to hire a therapist and other professionals, such as a financial adviser as well as an attorney. Divorce does not have to mean going into litigation, and a resolution might be reached through mediation or a collaborative divorce.

However, some divorces include some complex details and might require careful negotiations or litigation. For example, the couple may be wealthy and have a business to divide. One parent might be concerned about an international child abduction, or it might be necessary to negotiate custody and visitation between states or countries. One person might suspect the other of concealing assets in shell companies or in other ways, or the couple may have signed a prenuptial agreement that one wishes to challenge.