How California women can fight back against harassment

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | employment law |

Women in California should be aware that while women are filing more harassment claims than ever before in the #MeToo era, they are also facing substantial retaliation. Even though there have been issues with retaliation, there have also been many major success stories as a result of the #MeToo movement, including several high-profile cases involving celebrities. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released numbers showing that complaints about sexual harassment in the workplace rose 13.6% in 2018. These numbers are evidence that more people than ever before are reporting harassment despite obstacles meant to dissuade them.

However, the most frequent charge filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is retaliation. A whopping three-quarters of sexual harassment charges that have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission include a charge of workplace retaliation whether that retaliation comes from a boss or a fellow employee.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission considers retaliation the next big battle on the sexual harassment front. Efforts to combat retaliation include training, which helps workers know what their rights are and how they can respond when they are being harassed or retaliated against. This is especially vital in professions where harassment runs rampant, such as the restaurant industry. For example, servers in states that do not require employers to compensate for a lack of tips feel pressured to put up with bullying and harassment from customers.

Employees who are being harassed in the workplace may consider scheduling a consultation with an attorney experienced in employment law, especially when it pertains to sexual harassment. An attorney may be able to help the employee seek compensation in the event that the employee is wrongfully terminated or demoted.