Take precautions to avoid trucking accidents and injuries

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Trucking accounts for a large percentage of roadway traffic across America, but unfortunately, along with the heavy volume of trucks comes an increase in trucking accidents. Accidents involving commercial trucks can lead to a variety of injuries, including broken bones, vital organ damage and concussions. In extreme cases, trucking accidents can lead to death. As a result, it’s important to understand common causes of trucking accidents in order to minimize risk and improve safety on the nation’s highways.

According to The Urban Twist, speed is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents. Equipment failure, including the failure of vital components like brakes, is cited as the second most common cause followed closely by driver fatigue and intoxicated driving. Research published by The Urban Twist also lists environmental hazards and general distracted driving as further contributing factors in many trucking accidents.

To reduce the chances of being involved in a trucking accident, it is recommended that all drivers practice defensive driving. Additionally, if road conditions are hazardous or if a driver feels that he or she has not received adequate sleep, it is recommended to avoid getting behind the wheel. All drivers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect their vehicles on a regular basis and perform routine maintenance to improve vehicle performance and reduce the chances for an equipment failure that may lead to an injury accident.

People who have been injured in trucking accidents may be due compensation, but seeking this compensation might prove to be difficult as a result of the complexities found in the legal system. As such, injured individuals or their loved ones may choose to partner with a trucking accident attorney for help. A personal injury attorney may provide legal representation during settlement negotiations or if a case needs to go to court for litigation.