2 TSA officers suspended after noose discovered at airport

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Californians who regularly fly may be interested to learn that two Transportation Security Administration officers at Miami International Airport were suspended with pay in July after a noose was found in a bagging screening area. In a statement, TSA stated that the item was immediately removed upon its discovery and that an investigation has been launched into the issue.

According to the report, the item was located in a baggage screening area that is off-limits to the public and passengers. Regardless, the two officers accused of being involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave so that a full investigation into the matter could be completed.

There have been workers in other companies and industries who have recently complained of workplace racial harassment surrounding nooses and other associated items being displayed. For example, a black employee sued Boeing in June after he claimed that the company retaliated against him for reporting a noose hanging near his desk at a South Carolina plant. Additionally, he claimed that other employees urinated on his desk and chair. In March, two UPS employees were fired after multiple workers discovered a noose at a Maumee, Ohio, distribution center. Workers additionally alleged that they endured racial discrimination and harassment while at work.

Employees who are subjected to workplace harassment and discrimination based on their race may be prevented from career advancement. If an employee is retaliated against for reporting workplace harassment, legal action may be warranted. An attorney might be able to gather evidence that proves that the employer racially discriminated against or harassed the employee. Ultimately, a victim could obtain compensation or reinstatement into their former position.