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Your workplace should provide a safe and stable environment for you and every other employee. Your employer expects you to do your job and you should expect your employer to do the same. Your supervisor should be willing and able to address your concerns of a hostile work environment without causing you any fear of retaliation or losing your job because you presented your concerns. When your employer has failed to uphold fundamental legal rights, legal action may be necessary to remedy the situation. You should see an attorney before you get fired to protect yourself or, if termination seems inevitable, to position your case.

Many employers are not made aware of illegal conduct by their employees or management. If the employer isn’t made aware of a problem, the employer will likely not be held responsible. Unfortunately, many employees face threatening and biased treatment on the job. In the most serious cases, hardworking individuals suffer from wrongful termination as a result.

If you have been mistreated at work through persistent and pervasive employment law violations, it is time to speak with an experienced Berkeley employment lawyer. We, at Sabharwal Law Offices, are advocates for workers throughout the East Bay, helping people who work hard and deserve the utmost respect and care during this difficult time.

Our representation covers a wide range of employment law issues, including:

What Does “Hostile Work Environment” Mean?

Intimidation, harassment and fear of co-workers or supervisors all describe what people experience when they are struggling with a hostile work environment. In extreme cases, employers aim to drive employees out of their jobs in what is known as retaliation. This can happen when a worker files a complaint about harassment, draws attention to unethical behavior at work or otherwise “causes trouble.” Such violations also happen in other contexts where someone has power over another in fields such as education, law enforcement, health care, insurance or government. These actions are unlawful and warrant legal action. Whether you strive to keep your job, or you would prefer to put this job behind you and simply achieve a fair resolution so you can move on, an experienced lawyer at our firm can help.

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