Creating Workable Child Custody Solutions

You had one household for your children and now they have two. You find yourself juggling child custody schedules and disagreements about what the kids should be doing, and the kids are grieving the loss of their former family unit.

Child custody disputes are some of the most personally challenging and adversarial family law situations a person will face. While it is normal for divorcing couples to take an aggressive stance on these issues, every case is best approached with a level head and comprehensive view of the different options available to you and your family.

At Sabharwal Law Offices, we put our clients and their children first, but make sure to lay the groundwork for solutions that stand the test of time. What matters to you today is important, but it is equally important to consider what happens two, five or 10 years from now, after the emotional stress of a divorce has subsided.

Our firm’s founder, Sunena Sabharwal, is an experienced child custody attorney and litigator whose authoritative and diligent approach to courtroom proceedings has earned exceptional results for her clients throughout the East Bay. Still, she values the potential for favorable settlements outside of court, as they often help clients achieve more customized agreements without the stress and financial cost of trial.

Effective, Personal Service In Challenging Child Custody Issues

No matter what child custody action you face, Ms. Sabharwal will work with you personally to explain the process and help you consider important and often overlooked questions, such as:

  • How does the court determine parenting plans and visitation if we cannot come to an agreement?
  • Does my financial security, or lack thereof, play a role in the outcome of a child custody dispute?
  • What role does a child’s preference for where he or she wants to live play in child custody proceedings? How do we get to what is driving that preference? How do we address it?
  • How can I make sure child support payments reflect my and my spouse’s time with our children in our parenting plan arrangement?
  • How do we make custody modifications if one of us gets remarried or decides to relocate?
  • How can we handle disagreements effectively to maintain dignity and protect our children?

Contact Our Attorney For Skilled Family Law Representation

Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities in child custody proceedings and retain experienced counsel from a lawyer who can help you preserve a positive relationship with your children. Contact us online or by telephone at 510-969-2109 to schedule a consultation.