Guiding East Bay Business Owners Through Divorce

Every divorce presents emotional challenges to the parties involved, but for individuals with highly valued assets, such as business owners or their spouses, there is an elevated level of complexity. Financial considerations such as business valuation and division present an entirely new set of challenges. They warrant representation from an experienced business owner and divorce attorney who knows how to resolve these specific issues effectively and favorably.

Sunena Sabharwal is an attorney for people who are going through complex divorce proceedings in Berkeley, Walnut Creek and surrounding areas of the East Bay in California.

Bridging Solutions For Business Owners Going Through Divorce

We approach every case with a strong background of knowledge, skill and 30 years of experience in these issues. When you work with our office, you will receive the benefits of an attorney who offers:

  • Efficient development of cases and responsible allocation of financial resources: As a boutique law firm, our clients do not end up with the exorbitant fees often associated with large law firms — firms that do not necessarily have the qualifications of our experienced professionals.
  • Breadth of skill in negotiation of settlements and trial proceedings: We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to representation because every case is different. Your options for resolution will be pursued based on what is right for you, your family and your long-term financial well-being.
  • Access to skilled experts in the field of business valuation and financial analysts: Our representation is founded on information. We value accuracy, efficiency and thoughtfulness and, to this end, have developed strong professional relationships with these highly qualified evaluation experts.

Bridging Solutions In Business Valuation And Divorce

When one or both parties in a divorce own and operate a business or professional enterprise, the assets associated with that business come under great scrutiny during divorce proceedings. Rarely does a couple continue to share ownership over the business, so the financial value of that business is analyzed for fair and equitable property division.

Valuing a business is not as simple as looking at accounting spreadsheets. The value of assets the business holds, its goodwill, the profit it earns and the actual market value for that business can all be dramatically different. It is important that you work with an experienced Berkeley divorce and business valuation lawyer who can address these and other unique issues in your divorce.

Some factors that go into business valuation include:

  • Industry opportunities and challenges
  • Market stability or stagnation
  • Potential for growth and the economic conditions surrounding business operations
  • Value of business assets, including real estate, stocks and capital
  • Brand value/goodwill and nontransferable assets like the skill set of the owner (as in professional practices like doctor/dentist-owned clinics, retail/manufacturing businesses, investment firms, legal practices and other similar businesses)

Furthermore, resolving a business division dispute is greatly influenced by each party’s goals. Both parties may be fighting for ownership, one party may need to buy out the other’s share of the business, or neither may want to continue ownership and instead aim to sell the enterprise altogether. If you have questions about how to divide a physician’s practice, a dental practice, a startup company or another professional enterprise, or need help resolving executive compensation issues related to divorce, Sabharwal Law Offices can provide the information you need to move forward confidently.

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