Our Certified Family Law Specialist Provides Accurate, Innovative Property Division Solutions

Divorce is often a difficult process requiring considerable negotiation and litigation skills from your attorney. What makes this process even more challenging is the property division portion, particularly for business owners and professionals. When a spouse bases their negotiation on emotion rather than logic, negotiating with them can turn ugly quickly. When a spouse is not truthful about property ownership and hides assets, your property division will not be accurate. Working with our certified family law specialist can ensure your property division is fair and accurate.

At Sabharwal Law Offices, we understand how stressful it can be to ensure proper valuations, and a thorough and accurate assessment of your property and debt, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree to matters. Our founding attorney, Sunena Sabharwal, is a certified family law specialist by The State Bar of California and has in-depth experience providing innovative solutions for clients. We can help you create a marriage settlement agreement that safeguards your financial stability after your divorce.

Understanding Community And Separate Property

When you are working to sort out how you and your spouse will divide your property equally in the divorce, it pays to know about the types of property you may have:

  • Community property — Valuable assets, including pension plans, securities, art collections, real property, automobiles, and boats that one or both of you accrued or obtained with funds during your marriage. Community property division for business owners and professionals can be especially complex.
  • Separate property — Valuable assets that you owned prior to your marriage and property that is inherited, gifted, or otherwise given to a single spouse during the marriage, would be considered the property of the gift recipient.

There are exceptions that may apply to dividing community and separate property as well as debts. If you and your spouse cannot agree to a fair and equal division of your assets and debts, the court will step in to create one for you.

Call Today To Protect Valuable Assets In Your Divorce

Do not leave your financial future vulnerable following your divorce. You have a right to a fairly equal division of assets and debts in your divorce, but property division matters are complex. Even if your spouse has told you that they want to handle things in a friendly manner, you could be putting the years ahead of you at risk if you do not have an experienced family law attorney review your situation. We can help you prevent making mistakes during your divorce that you may regret for years to come.

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