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Serious physical injuries and property damage can happen at low speeds on inner city roads as well as at high speeds on freeways, but some of the most traumatic injuries are the result of truck accidents. The sheer size of the vehicles alone makes trucks challenging to maneuver, and therefore drivers must be well-trained as commercial drivers and adhere closely to safety precautions. Unfortunately, truck drivers and the companies they work for sometimes fail to uphold high standards of safety and people’s lives are forever changed as a result.

Before you settle on a compensation package with the insurance company that is responsible for paying your medical bills and compensating you for your lost income and recovery, make sure that settlement reflects the full scope of your injury consequences. Work with an experienced lawyer at the Sabharwal Law Offices in Berkeley.

How Do I Know If My Injury Settlement Is Fair?

When an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident, he or she immediately feels financial pressure. The medical bills begin to pile up, he or she loses money from being unable to work, and is at risk of never recovering the full mobility and employability he or she once had. Insurance companies know that injured people are eager to receive compensation, so they sometimes step in quickly and offer settlement packages right away. These settlements often undervalue the severity of injuries suffered. Even if you think your injury is relatively minor, you may need long-term care as spinal cord issues develop over time. It takes time to feel the full effects of an injury and it takes experience to know what might happen.

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You may be scared or intimidated by the legal process and worried about how you will get the care you need after you have suffered an 18-wheeler accident injury, but you do not have to be.

Attorney Sunena Sabharwal is here to simplify complex issues, take a stand against insurance companies that strive to undervalue or deny your claim, and ultimately make sure you can look back on this accident someday and know that you received the compensation you deserve.

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